Surrounding hills and mountains offer us multiple options for variety of outdoor sports. Although we are located in towns center, there are hills with forests at our backyard. Mountains and high alpine farms couple of minutes away. A small river runs right next to our fruit trees.

Mountain biking

This is our specialty. We are local team of certified and skilled mountain bike guides with years of experience. Our agency Ridgeline Trail (naj bo polinkano na spletno stran Ridgeline Trails) is powered by a local team of certified and skilled mountain bike guides with years of experience. Our trails are natural, old hiking trails, on places modified to ride bikes…other trails are hand crafted, man made trails for bikes only. We are proud to say, that our agency, trails and general area were all part of the Enduro World series races held in 2018 and 2022.

Black Hole Trail

Unique underground biking trail. Probably the only underground enduro trail in the world. Yes, you have read it right. There is a trail INSIDE the mountain! ..just above our guesthouse. Old tunnels of the closed mine are modified to be able to connect routes into a technical and difficult enduro trail. More than a trail. A true otherworldy adventure! If you are a mountain biker and, this is a must do (ride)!

Classic underground biking

There is also an easy trail inside the mountain which can be riden with any sort of bike. Guided round tour with several stops inside the tunnels and a visit to the mining museum at the end. Suitable for every bike and every skill of the rider. Round guided tour is organised with a transport to the entrance, a light over your helmet and a guide which shares interesting facts on how they used to mine.

Black Hole Kayaking

Underground kayaking is Slovenian Unique 5star experience! The lower tunnels of the mine are flooded with water and that is where the magical underground kayaking starts. To get to there, first they equip you with neoprene boots, lights, helmet and personal flotation device, than you hop on to a original mining train, descend on foot down to the flooded level/shaft where kayaks are situated. Guide leads the round tour through some unique underground lakes, flowing water and open caves, all a few hunderd meters below the surface. Otherworldly Adventure!

Mine tour by train

A combination of original miners train ride and a walking tour will bring you into the heart of the mountain, several kilometers inside and few hundreds meters of rock above you where an experienced guide will lead the tourist trail to tell you everything about the history of mining. Numerous exhibited objects reveal the everyday work and lives of miners.

Via ferrata

One via ferrata is walking distance from our lodge hotel. Unique view down to the village. This is an interesting via ferrata, with several options to choose from. The full/main line difficulty is C, with shorter option of D and F (section). F section is the hardest section of Via Ferrata in Slovenia. Approximately from 3 – 4 hours is needed to make the round tour. The second via ferrata is located 4minutes drive down the valley. Nice little gorge crossing, two difficulties. Interesting views down to the valley.

Rock climbing

Two equiped rock climbing walls a couple of minutes drive from Guesthouse Na trati. Around 40 routes have different difficulties on climbing area Burjakove Peči. This area is located in nature park Topla valley. Close to this area there are multiple boulders with marked difficulties and routes. Second climbing area


Several nice hiking trails in the area, many lead to high alpine mountain tops like Peca, Raduha, Olševa and Uršlja Gora. Hiking trails are marked with red and white circles. Below mountain peaks like Peca, Raduha, Urslja Gora and Smrekovec there are mountain huts opened in summer season, where mountain food, snacks, desserts and drinks are served. Mountain huts can offer a place to stay for the night. Part from that several trails can be found below the tree line with nice hiking in the forest. Contact us for more details if needed.

Private (self guided) hiking challenge

We can organize a special self guided hiking daily/round/multiday tour for you upon request. Pristine forests, peaceful areas with clean water and the taste of local home cooked meals. Contact for more info.

Hiking challenge K24

There is a special hiking challenge among local enthusiasts, called the K24. You start the challenge in the village center (few 100m away from our guesthouse), hike to all 5 mountain peaks surrounding our village and finish back in the village center in less than 24 hours. Total round trip is around 80km long with more than 10.000 elevation meters. If you succesfully finish it in less than 24 hours you become a member of the prestige club of K24 and sign your name in the club book in the town center.

Zipline / Olimpline

Just above our guest house there is the longest ZIPLINE in Slovenia, which measures 1260 meters from one side of the valley to the top of the local ski-area. Amazing view down to the village center and one can reach speeds up to 100km/h. ZIPLINE is called OLIMPLINE due to the fact that 7 athletes from our village competed on differente olympic games throughout the years.

Alpine Skiing

Two options for alpine skiing. First and closest is our local ski area with two pistes and 1 T-bar. Local ski area offers night skiing, inexpensive ski-lift tickets, almost no cues and a legendary Brunarca wooden hut for drinks and snacks. Walking distance from our guesthouse. Second is an Austrian ski area named Petzen, approximately 25 minutes drive from our guesthouse. Petzen ski area offers nice skiing up around 1700meters high with several kilometers of pistes. There is 1 gondola (1070meters uplift), 1 chairlift, 3 T-bar lifts, 1 children ski lift and 4 hut restaurants.

Ski touring

Several options for easy going ski touring hikes on all corners of our village. Short (10-20mins) drive from our guesthouse will bring you to the start of the daily ski tour hike with options for longer or shorter round tours. Usually best ski touring in January, February, March and sometimes also April (higher grounds). A local mountain guide can be arranged if needed.