Why choose to stay at Guesthouse Na trati?

Because it is simple…and nice, and peaceful, local, genuine and we are keen to have you as our guests and will try hard for you to enjoy your stay in our house and village. .And there is greenery all around (except in winter when white)... Na trati translated directly means “On the meadow” with all the surrounding greenery and large sliding doors to terrace gives you a feeling of being outdoors most of the time.

What does “Na trati” mean?

The old name of the place, from the old days, way before our arrival, was Na trati. Our dear neighbor told us about this name and the history behind it. We liked it and brought it back to life. Na trati - direct translation from Slovenian is “On the grassy meadow”, which gave us an idea to design guest rooms with large doors out to terrace with the option to step on the green grass almost straight from the bed.

Can you help us with info/reservations at local outdoor activities?

Yes, we can help plan your activities, check availability of guides or rental equipment, check detailed local weather forecasts. We know our area, and can recommend where to go & what to do. We mainly specialize in mountain biking and to go ride local trails is best with a guide, which we will be happy to arrange.

Can we stay at your place with a camper van?

Yes, you are welcome to park your camper van (or similar) in our flat area in front of the guest house. Please contact us for more info about the parking of a camper van/car.

What is for breakfast?

In general we have 3 options of breakfast to choose from, all three are rich and colorful. We try to include as many local products as possible. Detailed info on the 3 options of breakfast, we share at your arrival. In case you have some dietary needs, wishes, restrictions, let us know in advance and we will try to fulfill them. Important to add, we serve good coffee.

Is there free parking at your place?

Yes, for our guests, there is a free parking place in front of our Guesthouse. You can also park your camper van (or similar) in our parking lot (on a side of the grassy meadow). Please contact us for more info about the parking of a camper car.

Is water drinkable from the tap?

The area surrounding our village is clean, that is why we have very good water, straight from the mountain tops. So, yes, water is drinkable from the tap.

What about lunch/dinner?

We are located in the center of the village, with two restaurants walking distance from our Guesthouse Na trati. The two simple options are easy to find. More options a bit out from the village, at surrounding touristic farms or mountain huts. Those places can prepare typical slovenian cuisine / home cooked or cold cut meals (homemade cured meats, cottage cheese, etc..) with locally produced ingredients. Let us know what your wishes are and we will be happy to help you find a way to a good meal.

Is there a swimming pool at the Guethouse Na trati?

No, there is no swimming pool at our Guesthouse Na trati. But we are located very near a small river with temperatures perfect for the summer cooling off.

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